Bedtime ReadingSo much has happened since I did this interview six weeks ago for Bold Strokes Books Authors Blog – not least of all the official release of Calvin’s Head. I had to give it a read to remember what I talked about. But as it happens, I did delve into my darker side, which is appropriate for this particular time of year.

Early readers tell me it gave them a scare or two. So, maybe it’s not the ideal bedtime reading for the faint of heart. Or maybe you’ll need to keep the lights on!

Trick or Treat!

Bold Strokes Books Authors' Blog

by Connie Ward


What made you decide to become a fiction writer?


Do you make a decision to write fiction any more than you decide to be gay? As a child I wrote and performed puppet shows and plays, an outlet for my vivid imagination. In school I turned spelling exercises into poems, took creative-writing classes, and wrote short stories. For a sociology course in college I created a lengthy fictional profile of an inner-city family because I was too shy to interview a real one. Years later, my radio documentary work employed storytelling techniques and structures I learned from doing theater.

As for this particular novel, upon retirement I traveled for a year and ended up at the Brooklyn Book Festival. Listening to inspiring writers talk about their work, I realized it was time for me to sit down and put on paper the story that had been…

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